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2D forms the basis and core of visual communication and graphic design. A 2 Dimensional design is represented on a two-dimensional surface. Hence, a 2D designer produces designs only in two dimensions, i.e., length and width. 

These designers are most sought-after in the mechanical, apparel, construction, animation, and electrical engineering industries. From drafting mechanical drawings to developing video games, architectural drawings, illustrations & models, electrical engineering projects, and apparel designs, 2D designers possess multifaceted expertise. Besides, digital businesses often partner with 2D graphic designers to create high–end and eye-captivating websites, branding materials, publications, and social media creatives.  

To cater to the demands of different industries and achieve professional success, more and more 2D designers and designing firms are emerging into the Indian market. However, with this rising number, identifying the ones that fit your preferences is also getting difficult. In such circumstances, you must resort to The Dziners to find the top 2D designers in India.  

The Dziners is a leading online platform that unleashes the best 2D design professionals in the top cities of India. They comprise Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Bangalore among others. Here you will explore an updated list of talented 2D designers featuring their experiences, skills, teams, locations, contact details, and portfolios. Hence, the website promises a hassle-free search experience and makes sure that you find the most suitable 2D designer in India for your requirements.  

What are the Benefits of Partnering with Professional 2D Designers?

In addition to their primary services of 2D designers, there are other reasons why partnering with expert 2D designing services is beneficial. Let us read them one by one.

  • Professionalism & Expertise

Professional 2D designers in India offer high credibility when it comes to designing for the desired outcomes. They are experienced in diverse niches and have worked with several clients across the country. As a result, these specialised designers can offer excellent solutions that can help brands excel in the competitive scenario.

  • Ability to Visualize & Present

If you partner with skilled and experienced 2D designers in India, you will unbox an ocean of exceptional visual communication and presentation skills. These designers, with the help of different software, tools, and techniques, can transform your ideas into reality. From collecting the materials to creating storyboards, getting approvals, editing, working on details, and completing the final draft, the 2D designer can successfully bring designs to life. 

  • Saves Money & Boosts Efficiency

Building a team of in-house 2D designers can cost you too much. When you hire an in-house designer, time, money, and other resources are spent on their training and development. Here, opting for top 2D designing services in India turns out to be a cost-effective option. This is because, here, brands can shoulder their design requirements on the outsourced designer, who in turn completes the job efficiently within the deadline. Plus, fewer redo and corrections ultimately improve productivity.

How to Choose the Right 2D Designer in India?

When it comes to choosing the right 2D designer in India who fits your preferences, it is crucial to consider the following factors:

  • 2D Designer/Design Studio’s Profile

Go through the websites of the top 2D designers in India to learn about them. On the website, you will also witness information about the company size, team of 2D and other designers, portfolio, testimonials, software used, etc. 

You can also visit the Google My Business Profile of the top 2D designers to check out the reviews and ratings of clients. This will help you compare them based on different factors and choose a suitable designer near you. 

  • Skill & Experience 

When going through the websites or communicating with them, do not forget to look for or ask about the experience years of the design company. Also, look for the design portfolio on the website, or ask them for the same. Factors like experience years and the portfolio achieved in these years say a lot about the skills and proficiencies of the designers. These factors even help brands develop trust in them. Hence, it is important to learn about these in advance to make an informed decision.

  • Communication & Transparency

It is also crucial to understand if the designers take a significant interest in listening to your objectives. Also, if they are transparent in talking about their working style and how they can contribute to your success. After all, good communication and transparency are the foundation stones of a successful partnership. 

  • Location

Lastly, when choosing from the top 2D designers in India, it is important to know where are they located. Companies are often interested in finding design service providers in the same city for convenience. However, if the company you are finding suitable is located in a different city, don’t hesitate to partner with it as distance is no more a hurdle today. Thanks to Digital India. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Partnering With 2D Designers in India

Q: How can I pick a suitable 2D designer in India for my company?

A: The best way to select the right 2D designer for your brand is by reviewing the top 2D designers in India on The Dziners. You can begin by checking out their websites, going through their Google My Business Profiles, Portfolio, Location, and Ratings and Reviews. Get in touch with the ones you shortlist and, further, scrutinize them. This will help you compare the different designing services on crucial factors and resort to the most suitable one.

Q: How much does a 2D designer in India charge?

A: The cost of partnering with 2D design services depends on multiple factors – location, experience, skills, portfolio, use of updated technology, market trends, work scope, etc. Hence, when it comes to partnering with a 2D designer in India, be it any city, always discuss these factors to make an informed choice.

Q: Is outsourcing an experienced 2D designer in Mumbai more beneficial than building an in-house team?

A: Partnering with professional 2D designers in Mumbai can help you save both time and money and boost productivity. They have expertise in various skills, software, tools, and techniques. They are experienced in various niches and have a rich portfolio. With considerable experience, skills, and market understanding, these designers can help you stay ahead of the competition. These benefits may be lacking if you try to build an in-house team of 2D designers. 

Q: Where can I find a good list of 2D designers in India?

A: You can find a dependable list of the best 2D designers in India on The Dziners. It will feature the experiences, skills, teams, portfolios, locations, and contact details of each design firm, to offer you a hassle-free search experience.